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Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong, who wowed us with his shockingly creative photos of a man on fire, is no stranger to epic concepts and photo shoots. His most recent adventure may have been one of his most ambitious yet: a large-scale shoot involving two models, seven divers, and an underwater shipwreck off the shores of Bali. The result is a series of breathtaking images depicting ethereal models exploring the sunken ruins of the 50-year-old shipwreck, their hair and gowns ...
Richard Burlet "L'inconnue".
ability to animate any material underwater with prehensile tendancies, from nets, to prosthetic tails to clothing etc... to act in the way that you visualise and intent.
Ragnar Lothbrok  [Image: tumblr_mp4k4gp7s61sobkqjo1_r2_500.jpg]
Chima, Keenan and George at MSA Models NYC captured by the lens of Hans Eric Olson, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online. Make-up: Romana Lai Post-Production: Amanda Sperry The post The Softer Side
Casey Jackson
icyjohnson: “ Emoni Baraka ”