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an old record with writing on it and a red disc in the middle that says, i love you
page from a children's book about circles by Kiyoshi Awazu (1971)
a sign for a record shop with an acoustic guitar hanging from it's side
Ernest Tubb
an old record store with neon lights on the front and side windows that read records
an old record store with graffiti on the front
STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face Of New York: ZIG ZAG Records
Record store front
the sign is lit up for customers to see their record shop in black and white
Canterbury Record Shop
an old record town sign is hanging off the side of a building in front of a blue sky
record town, chicago
a man leaning on the side of a food truck
Jamaican deejay Vernel Dixon known as CHARLIE ACE in front of his Swing-A-Ling discomobile record shack, Kingston '76...
an old record player with the word vinyl mania on it
DJ rooms
Vinyl Record Maniac