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AHAHAHA! this sounds just like a super cafe episode!

The Origin of Batman's Costume - Dorkly Post

Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Redhood

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Wanda lost more than her confidence. They all lost a bit more than just what's on here. Steve lost some of the people he called family. Natasha is forced to be a government pawn again. Wanda lost her freedom, her confidence, her trust in people.....

Everybody paid a high or a lower price. But in the end all who were in battle had a consequence. Bucky lost his arm.

Thor, he makes things happen... #thor /

Magical things happen when you're in multiple fandoms

When they did some Hawkeye math.

Only reason this is going under Homestuck is because Hulk + Hawkeye = Darkleer.

If the X-Men met the Avengers

X-Men meet the Avengers<< Well, the X-Men are better

Arthur Darvill. From Rory to Rip Hunter

From Rory to Rip Hunter i guess rory did learn something from the doctor after all. but what happened to amy?

Doctor Who/DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Though I don't know the context of how it happened

If you don't get it, just don't try. It's a nerd/geek/Anglophile thing.

Actually, it's the fifteenth New York since the original. At first glance I thought it said mew York.

You hush now. 007 and The Doctor.

he does have quite a body count.