Stacey Linton
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Banana peanut butter oatmeal muffins (no butter or oil). Made these numerous times. Perfect for toddlers for a quick breakfast!

Oatmeal Banana Muffins are a perfect morning muffin!

Oatmeal banana muffins with an oatmeal crumb topping. Add of toasted coconut. 12 servings - per muffin, protein

A classic fruit pie that only takes two sheets of pastry, some feijoas, apples and spices to produce a crispy, delicious tart that is perfect for any occasion.

A classic fruit pie - two sheets of pastry, feijoas, apples and spices. Crispy, delicious traybake tart perfect for any occasion.

Feijoa Shortcake with Homemade Vanilla Custard

Feijoa Shortcake with Homemade Vanilla Custard Sometimes in need of a feijoa recipe.