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memes and history related decorating ideas for a middle school or high school social studies classroom
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Teddy Roosevelt- Meme historical laughs. American Imperialism, Progressive Era, Ap Us History, Teaching Us History, Historical Humor, History Major, Teacher Bag, History Jokes, Bull Moose
THEODORE ROOSEVELT Caricature - See best of PHOTOS of the 26th US President of the United States
Teddy Roosevelt- Meme historical laughs.
a black and white photo with a caption that reads, i was the only person ever to serve in all three branches of the federal government
Top 10 Important Feats Accomplished By Unimportant Presidents
William Howard Taft and the Bathtub
four different colored drawings of people with blindfolds on their eyes and one has a beard
Historical Figures Who Shouldn't Be Confused With Pop Culture Icons
When I teach the Renaissance, I shall introduce all 700 kiddos to the TMNT.
a cartoon boy sitting at a table with an open book in front of him and the caption how will i ever learn history when every day the world keeps more?
The Family Circus Comic Strip 2024-07-20 | Comics Kingdom
March 2, 2015 Family Circus by Bil and Jeff Keane Why history teachers will never run out of material.
an image of some sort of website page with many different things on it and in the background
If Famous Historical Events Were Posted On Instagram…
If Famous Historical Events Were Posted On Instagram…the Abe Lincoln one though!
an image of a man with a beard wearing a hat
These lyrics from Taylor Swift reworked for Henry:
These lyrics from Taylor Swift reworked for Henry: | 22 Things Only History Nerds Will Find Funny
a man and woman sitting in front of a child on a couch with the caption, that moment when you're about to join the revolution and you raise you'd pronounced to take the kids to the park
Funny Pic Dump (2.15.16)
Funny Pic Dump (2.15.16) – Pleated-Jeans.com
two screenshots showing different views of the same person's face and their names
Funny History Memes
10+ Hilarious History Memes That Should Be Shown In History Classes
the comic strip shows two people in different hats
Genghis Khan [Comic] - Geeks are Sexy
This is too stupid to not be hilarious
an image of a boat in the ocean with caption that reads, april showers bring may flowers
Howdy pilgrim