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Students can play "what, who, and where am I" to review what they learned about a region or continent's physical geography from Stephanie's History Store High School History Classroom, High School History, Physical Geography, Landform, Social Studies Middle School, Social Studies Classroom, History Classroom, Review Games, Organizing Systems
Looking for a fun way to review physical geography?
If you are looking for a new and engaging way to review physical geography, this is it! Students will identify what, who, and where a location/landform is and can play via a projector or printed out!
a poster with text that reads students will turn primary primary sources from this into that
Reconstructing Primary Sources
Students will gain a deeper understanding of primary source texts by reconstructing them before analyzing them. #primarysourceanalysis #highschoolhistory #middleschoolsocialstudies
a poster with the words black out poetry on it and an image of a map
Blackout Poetry with a Social Studies Twist
If you try something new this year, try Blackout Poetry for social studies primary sources! Your students will combine academic analysis, creativity, and will want to do this activity again!
An image from a unit on WW2 is cut into different puzzle pieces for students to put together, identify, and possibly put it on a timeline if class time allows. Middle School History Activities, Cooperative Learning Strategies, Middle School History, Social Studies Unit
Students will "piece together" puzzles of images from any history or social studies unit and complete up to 3 extension tasks to demonstrate an understanding of the material! This will work for any middle school or high school history class!
the five minute history review game with text that reads, 5 minute history review game
5 Minute History Review Game
This history/social studies review game is engaging, fast, and utilizes higher level thinking without students even realizing it!
a sign that says 5 minute review game which doesn't belong and why?
5 Minute Review Game
This is a really easy, no prep, review game that can be done in as few as 5 minutes: What doesn't belong and why? #socialstudies #reviewgames #historyreviewgame
a bulletin board with the words secondary social studies and a light bulb drawn on it
History Bell Ringer Prompts and Ideas
These are my favorite bell ringer prompts, methods, ideas, and graphic organizers! #bellringers #graphicorganizers #exittickets
a red podium with the words secondary debate propps and recording sheets
Student Debate Graphic Organizers
4 graphic organizers for classroom debates and 20 prompts students love!
a student approved way to analze point of view in an american flag themed notebook
A Point of View Activity that’s Sure to be a Hit!
Students love this for working with point of view or comparing and contrasting sources #socialstudies #history #compareandcontrast #pointofview
a poster with words and pictures on it that says distance learning ideas turn into this
Staying Organized with Distance Learning
Use Symbaloo to stay organized during online learning! Create a one stop shop for teacher approved research sites for students!
a poster with the words point of view analysis
Understanding different points of view is so important in history, here's one way to have students work with two different perspectives on the same event!
the world map is shown with different colors
Two Centuries of US Immigration Vizualized
Students watch immigration trends over the last 200 years in this quick animation.
a globe with the words how to make and use or codes in social studies
How to Make and Use QR Codes in Social Studies
Have you heard about QR codes? Do you know how to make one? Can you incorporate them into your lessons and activities? Worry no more! This post will help you understand the basics of QR codes, plus show you some FREE options. Students love technology, so the more we incorporate technology into our lessons and activities, the more engaged these students will be. The possibilities of using QR codes to your lessons are endless. #socialstudies