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May push me down but i will always get back up

Wild Woman, search the depths of the earth - the muddy, mucky places for there be truth and freedom there.

Fill balloons with water, drop in small glow stick, tie off and drop into nylon stocking.  Suspend from trees. Spooky at Halloween. Romantic at weddings or garden parties.

A water balloon with a glow stick on the inside, in a stocking, hung from trees, patio cover, or the ceiling. Same pin elsewhere said: "Put a glow ball in a white stocking and hang many from trees or the ceiling." But what are glow balls?

Ancient Olive tree - taken in Central Cyprus.

If the 2 white bits on the right are eyes who is the critter with the long face? Do those "eyes" & long "face" remind anyone of a character in a children's book or TV show? Old Olive Tree, Central Cyprus

"Once upon a time A fair Maiden  Ran through the Forest"

Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self discovery.

It always ends up here, with the blurred, burnt figure in the field. Is it the history, the memories, I have to face for killing all those people years ago. Surely not, i've killed many more since then. @ProfessorPigeon

photography art double exposure A dark ghostly figure approaches in a misty field.

When Swiss psychologist Carl Jung posited the archetype of the shadow, he said that it creates a fog of illusion that surrounds the self. Trapped in this fog, we evade our own darkness, and thus we give the shadow more and more power over us.- Deepak Chopra #melancholy

this is a typical scary forest path. it is foggy and there is creepy trees that have weird shapes (they are awesome). this path is the stuff of horror films, because it is scary beautiful.