Fixed Cost Project Management Services

Successful Projects start with a clear idea and great planning. This page offers Fixed Cost Services tailored to clarify project ideas, provide detailed…
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a poster with scissors, pens and other items on it that says project charter provide high level charity on the course to reach your destination
Project Charter For the fixed cost of $2,500 Get Certified PMP quality Project Charter. Includes Context Diagram and Work Flow Diagram. This allows you to clearly communicate your idea to all your team members and stakeholders.
a wheel diagram with the words problem, problem and solution written in black on it
"The problem solving process is a logical sequence for solving problems and improving the quality of decisions. It is also a guide to identifying which tools and techniques to apply."
the sns example project work stream is shown in blue and yellow, with arrows pointing up
425.644.7716 Example Work Stream Diagram of PMP Project with Milestones. Sirius Net Systems, LLC provides full project management lifecycle services by a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Includes Pre-Kick Off services, Kick-Off and Post Kick-Off services.
the flow diagram shows how high level pre - kick off work flow is performed in this process
425.644.7716 High Level Work Flow of Critical Pre Kick-Off Activities and Deliverables. Sirius Net Systems, LLC provides each of these essential packages for Fixed Costs by a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
the types of inteliligence by mark vil infographical graphic design
9 Types Of Intelligence - Infographic
The 9 Types of Intelligence
an info sheet with different types of text on it and arrows pointing in different directions
Pin by Steve Jacobs on Project Management and PMBOK | Pinterest
three images with the words what's in scope and what's out of scope
Baselines For the fixed cost of $10,000 Get Certified PMP quality Scope Baseline, Schedule Baseline, Cost Baseline, & Numerous supporting documents.
a circular diagram with the words continuous process improvement
Process Improvement
Achieving and Maintaining Excellence For the fixed cost of $2,500 Get Certified PMP quality Customized Process Improvement Plan. Position your company for continual improvement and ever advancing excellence.
the ultimate guide to project manager info
Project Management Guide
The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager #infographics