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Mapou, or Red Matipo (Myrsine australis) A hardy tree, resistant to wind. Easily grown from seed. Wavy edged leaves, small red blotches, red stems. Maori medicinal plant, leaves boiled to ease toothache. Inconspicuous flowers, small black fruit on female trees in summer. Attracts birds.


Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) with Kereru feeding on fruit. Has broad heart shaped leaves and blackish stems with swollen joints. A much valued medicinal plant of Maori. Leaves have a hot peppery taste.


Karo (Pittisporum crassifolium). A tree especially suited to coastal conditions. Fast growing, germinates easily from fallen seed. Leaves alternating, whitish beneath. Scented purple flowers in spring, round green fruit that burst to reveal sticky black seeds in Autumn. Attracts birds.