Winter Activities for Kids

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a snowman made out of toilet paper with the words how to build a bottle cap snowman on it
Invitation to Build a Bottle Cap Snowman - Simple Fun for Kids
Sensory Winter Activities for Kids: Build a bottle cap snowman in play dough!
the winter clothes counting clip cards are shown in blue and white with numbers on them
Winter Clothes Counting Clip Cards (1-20) - Simple Fun for Kids
Whether you love winter or you hate it, you can now practice counting up to 20 and fine motor skills with these cute Winter Clothes Counting Clip Cards (1-20)! This Kindergarten printable uses a scattered configuration for numbers 1-10, and a rectangular array for numbers 11-20. CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.5
a child's hand holding a marker and drawing a penguin on a sheet of paper with the words winter penguin labeling worksheets
Winter Penguin Labeling Worksheet Printable - Simple Fun for Kids
Winter Penguin Labeling Worksheets: Label the parts of the image by handwriting or cutting and pasting. Includes versions with and without a wordbank.
a small child in a red coat playing with some lights on the snow covered ground
Glow Sticks in the Snow - Simple Fun for Kids
Fun Toddler Activities: Playing in the Snow with Glow Sticks - Awesome Visuals!
a laptop with the text digital counting cubes winter on it
Digital Counting Cubes Winter Build & Count Challenges
Ten fun and engaging winter-themed digital counting cube challenges for distance learning with Google Slides and Google Classroom. Kindergarteners and first graders can practice skills such as dragging & dropping, typing in text boxes, and counting in a super-engaging way.
a large group of penguins standing next to each other
Penguin Snowball Play I Spy Game - Simple Fun for Kids
This is such a cute printable! Penguin Snowball Play I Spy Game Printable for preschoolers and kindergartners!
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper
Paper Towel Snowman Suncatcher - Simple Fun for Kids
Winter Crafts for Kids: Super simple snowman suncatcher from a paper towel and construction paper!
a collage of football activities for kids
18 Football Activities for Kids - Simple Fun for Kids
18 Football Activities for Kids - learning, sensory, games, lots of books, and more!
a hand holding up a clipboard with the word grape written on it and an image of
Winter Consonant Blends
Is it time to introduce blends to your students? This blend sort is the perfect activity for your kids. This free printable blend sort can be used in many different ways in your classroom. Come find out just how and grab your free printable. #free #printable #blends #classroom #literacy #center #winter
the snowman sticker sort is an easy color sorting activity for toddlers
Snowman Sticker Sort - HAPPY TODDLER PLAYTIME Snowman sticker sort is a fun sorting activity using dot stickers! This easy to set up toddler activity makes the perfect indoor winter learning game! #winteractivites #colouractivities #toddleractivites #dotstickers
folded paper icicles hanging from a branch with text overlay that reads folded paper icicles free printable template
Folded Paper Icicles
This Folded Paper Icicle Craft looks fantastic in white or colours. These homemade icicles are easy to make with the free printable pattern, just print, cut and fold! A lovely Winter craft for kids. #icicles #iciclecrafts #winter #wintercrafts #kidscrafts #papercrafts #origami #kidscraftroom #paperfolding #christmascrafts #christmasdecor #icicle #wintercraftsforkids
the winter mittens preschool rhyming activity is shown with crayons and markers
FREE Printable Winter Rhymes Activity
Winter Rhymes - free printablerhyming activity for prek, kindergarten, and first grade kids to improve reading readiness and literacy with a fun winter educational activity #rhying #winterprintable #kindergarten
a snowman clip chart is shown with the words calm down and free printables
Calm Down Snowman Kit Promote a Way to Help Kids Deal with Feelings!
Looking for a way to get kids to identify and deal with their emotions? Kids find this particularly difficult. Coping skills for kids are the number one reason I get e-mails in my inbox asking me for ways to help kids identify and handle their emotions. This super cute snowman themed calm down snowman kit will encourage your kids to identify the emotion associated with negative feelings and then finding an appropriate positive behaviour task to do to counteract it.
reindeer christmas ornament craft for kids to make on the table with pine branches
Reindeer Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Ornament Craft - Simple Fun for Kids
Isn't this Reindeer Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Ornament the cutest thing you've seen this week? Easy to make with kids of all ages and a great eyecatcher on the Christmas tree!