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a window with glass panes on the side of a stucco wall next to a vase
Cob Homes 151 - Decoratoo
Cob Homes 151
a wall made out of logs with chains hanging from it
10 cool cordwood designs that showcase the beauty of natural wood
an indoor living area with couches and tables
an adobe style building with mountains in the back ground and clouds in the sky above
an artisticly designed stone sculpture next to a tree
Earth Hands and Houses's photo.
an adobe - style building with a sign in front of it
New Mexico – Page 4 – Teach Where You Live
Taos Pueblo
a row of white houses with thatched roofs and plants growing on the side of them
Increíbles diseños de casas ecológicas y muy baratos -
jardineras de adobe
an arched doorway leads to a bathroom with a tiled floor and walls, along with a sink
Love these windows.
a living room filled with furniture next to a stone wall covered in windows and doors
L'arte di arredare e non solo
how to build an earthbag / paperrete home from scratch - up materials
How to Build an Earthbag/Papercrete Home
How to Build an Earthbag/Papercrete Home — For those interested in green living or homesteading, the prospect of building a self-sufficient home doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Kelly and Rosana Hart have used earthbags, papercrete, and a few other materials to create such a home that is not only beautiful, it is self-sufficient.
an empty living room with large arched windows
a wooden chair sitting in front of a stone building with a door and window on it
I like the stone in the cob
an archway leading into a living room with two couches and a book shelf on the wall
a room with two arched windows and a bench in front of the window that has potted plants on it
the floor plan of a small cabin with two beds and one living room in it
Encantador estudio ideal para un escritor que funciona como casa de descanso en Lakeside, Michigan
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a shelf that is next to a mirror on the wall in front of a window
nice shelving idea -- I <3 cob houses!! Could do this instead of top kitchen cabinets for plates, bowls, glasses. Have sturdy twigs hanging out to hang mugs on. Maybe a mug tree :)
a living room filled with furniture and a round window in the middle of it's ceiling
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a white building with two thatched roofs and flowers in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
Casas Bioclimáticas de Tierra & Cal. Construcción, Formación, I+D
Casa-domo en proyecto Eco-Aldeia Flecha da Mata. Brasil.
an artistic rendering of a building made out of clay and concrete with a door in the center
Las viviendas ecológicas ya son una realidad #casasecologicaseconomicas
a man standing in front of a building with adobe - style architecture and trees around it
Increíbles diseños de casas ecológicas y muy baratos -
Fotos de Casas De Barro 2
a couch sitting under a window in a living room next to a rug and table
Su Casa Southwestern Homes
Read about this beautiful home in Su Casa Magazine.
an artistic design on the side of a wall in a room with wood ceilinging
Earthen Ripples
Sculpting your own home will empower you, leave you free from a life-long debt and teach you how to truly appreciate our earth. More pictures at
a small house with stairs leading up to it
Cob Creations: 18 Natural Homes, Pizza Ovens & More
From active rain. Building a cob house would be a cost effective and energy efficient alternative to a small log cabin.
the interior of a modern home with white walls and ceiling lighting, carpeted floor
A Straw Bale House Is Eco Friendly And Cost-Effective
A straw bale house is an eco-friendly building you will fall in love with. Light, sustainable, resistant and featuring a rustic flavor, the construction ha
a room with wooden floors and walls decorated with multicolored confetti balls
Maium, la casa de barro.
Maium, la casa de barro, Argentina.
a house made out of rocks with a door and windows
una casa de campo muy bella.........
a man in red shirt working on an unfinished wall
Increíbles diseños de casas ecológicas y muy baratos -
Maium, la casa de barro, Argentina.
there is a blue and white sculpture in the woods
corcholat •• Refrescantes ideas en marketing.
Casas Hechas de Botellas talento original arte
a living room filled with lots of purple furniture
Sala numa casa Earthship / Hungria - I love the airiness of the space, the light, the sweeping staircase
a table with two bowls on it in front of three windows
Build Naturally with Sigi Koko
Inside a #PassiveSolar natural home in Denmark, made from cob and a thatch roof. Simple details. Hand built. Beautiful home. More photos and a little explanation here:
a bed sitting in the middle of a room next to a mirror and ceiling fan
Mediterráneo | ToC ToC VINTAGE
the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment
Distribución de habitaciones en un domo geodésico.
a dining room table and chairs in front of a window with an arched doorway leading to the outside
para un comedor pequeño
the entrance to a house with an artisticly designed door and light fixture in it
Blog - Modernica | Made in California
The inspiration for the inset wall light sconces in the buildings on Llanelyn.
the interior of an adobe - style house with stone walls and steps leading up to it
Increíbles diseños de casas ecológicas y muy baratos -
Sometimes cob's curves come out so elegant
the interior of a hobbot house with round windows and decorations on the walls
Una cabaña de campo rústica de dos pisos finamente terminada en todo aspecto -
petite cob'ane
a floor plan for a living room and dining area in a round house with an attached kitchen
7 modelos de casas de campo bien sencillas -
Projetos arquitetônicos diferenciados são cada vez mais comuns atualmente. Embora as casas redondas não sigam um conceito exatamente novo, elas são raras de se ver, sobretudo nas áreas urbanas. O que muita gente não