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a printable worksheet for children to practice their self - portrait and write the words
Poetry Unit Plus FREEBIE!
FREE simile self-portrait printable poem template!
a group of people standing on top of a hard wood floor next to buckets
"P", The Bucket Routine for older students
Orff Bucket routine with several teaching videos. Very interesting and inspiring.
a group of young men sitting next to each other
Dum Dum Song | Minnesota Boychoir
Oooooh! My!!! Goodness! Totally doing this! They will love it!!! Dum Dum Song....I'm totally teaching this to my 4th grade chorus!!!
children in red and white uniforms are playing with buckets on an indoor basketball court
Movin' & Groovin' on Bucket Drums!
Mary Knysh Workshops: 3rd Graders on Bucket Drums
a group of young boys sitting in front of orange buckets on top of desks
Bucket Drumming WBGC
Bucket Drumming WBGC.This is an awesome video showing three students who are performing using bucket-drumming. I thought it was a good example because it shows that any age can use bucket drumming. Erika used this resource in her group lesson for music.
a woman standing next to a red bucket
How to Play & Teach Bucket Drumming ["HEY!" - Lesson 1]
How to Play & Teach Bucket Drumming ["HEY!" - Lesson 1] - YouTube
an overhead view of several people sitting at a table
Movement Groove
5 Mistakes Teachers Make When Teaching Bucket Drumming - The Bucket Book
bucket drumming 101 guide to getting started
Bucket Drumming 101
Elementary Music Methods: Helpful post on bucket drumming and also orchestra
a group of young people standing on top of a stage holding sticks and wearing white shirts
with sticks waldorf - some nice ideas of things to do with sticks
a group of children sitting in a circle on the floor
Six Little Ducks - with rhythm sticks (beat a pattern and pass the sticks around a circle)
a group of children sitting in a circle with drums on the floor and one boy holding a microphone
Fifth Grade Lesson (part 2)
Fifth Grade Lesson (part 2)