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a man holding up a tablet in front of his face with social icons all around him
Drop Servicing - How I Get Clients Effortlessly (Full Course) 2023
a man sitting on top of a bed with the words 7 skills that will get you rich
You’re probably interested in growing your wealth and becoming rich. If that sounds like you, then I recommend sitting back, relaxing, and listening to this in-depth video, as it will help you understand more about the skills you need to develop to get rich. High-income skills aren’t necessarily things like copywriting or mastering Facebook ads. While these skills are great to learn, learning how to negotiate, communicate effectively, and be an empathetic leader are invaluable skills that will
a man holding a tennis racquet on top of a blue and yellow background
Best Niche Selection Process
When starting a new business we all want to know every little detail. We want it all mapped out so there’s no ambiguity. In reality there’s always a bit of chaos but we still try our best to organize every detail One of these details most popular to talk about is picking a niche. We wonder what the best niche is, how to find them, and how to communicate our core message in a way that resonates with them to take action. So what is the best process for picking a niche?
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench next to the ocean with text overlay that reads, what if you could just quit out your job?
What If You Could Just Quit Your Job? (Drop Servicing)
We all dream about being able to quit our job to do what we want, with who we want, where we want at some point. If we aren’t in a job we love it can be hard not to daydream about ‘something else’. Daydreaming is where it ends for most of us. The security, contentment, and ‘it’s not so bad’ situation keeps you locked in place. But have you ever wondered about those people that go beyond that? Building something that allows them to just quit their job and live a life of freedom
a man sitting at a table with an open book and coffee mug in front of him
Corporate Video - How to Decide Between Live and Animated
What should you use in your corporate video? Live vs Animated Pros and Cons, right here in this video so watch until the end Comment your toughts down below and let's have a discussion.
a man giving the thumbs up sign with an instagram message in front of him
Instagram Ads Tutorial For Beginners (2019)
No Idea how to start Your First Instagram Ads Campaign ? In this tutorial, we'll go over how to advertise on Instagram in 2019. Comment Your Thoughts and Results using this Tutorial. Let's have a discussion in the comment section.
a man standing in front of a park with the words warsaw travel vlog
Warsaw Travel Vlog
Video Clips and Photos from our Travel in Warsaw Poland Vlog 2019
a man is holding his hands up in front of him and the words 5 elements of high
Sales Video 5 Key to a High Converting Video
the best online business to start in 2019
Best Online Business To Start For Beginners in 2019
What is the best online business to start for beginners in 2019? In this Video, we'll go over the most underrated online business model and how you can start and get results fast.
a man standing in front of a blue and yellow background with the words, the ultimate facebook ads strategy
Best Facebook Ads Strategy For Beginners In 2019
Facebook Ads Tips 2019 or Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 - whichever you prefer, this video is going to break down what makes facebook advertising so powerful especially if used in the right way as talked about in this video. Leave your thoughts down below and let's have a discussion.
a man giving the thumbs up sign in front of an orange and blue background with text that reads, get your first client
How To Get Clients WITHOUT Spending Money Or Cold Calling
What's the best strategy to get your first client? i'm here to tell you that this method gave me the highest return on investment. What's more is it's cheap and effective!
a man standing in front of a blue and yellow background with the words email marketing
Top Video Email Marketing Strategies (2019)
Why use video in email marketing? It's not just simply linking urls or adding video files to your email marketing campaigns, but strategically using video elements in hooking people and at the same time, providing value. Comment your thoughts down below and let's discuss.
a man standing in front of a stop sign with the words procrastination on it
How To Stop Procrastination (With Urgency & Importance)
How to stop Procrastination tips and strategies to boost your productivity and maximize your potential in 2019. Comment below what you think and what methods you use to combat procrastination
a man holding a book with the words money to build your business?
How To Get Money To Build A Business (2019)
When people plan to start a business, might ask where to get money for a business or how to get a startup capital. In this video, we'll discuss the most practical and optimal way of getting the funds to run and grow your business sustainably.
a man is standing in front of a blue and yellow background with the words 3 types of online business
The 3 Types Of Online Business (2019)
Here are the 3 types of online businesses in 2019. The most popular and in demand types of online business you can start and build to hopefully become a reliable source of income for you to have more freedom.