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Iron Man

Ironman Mark 51 Suit Video Wallpaper (HD) for all iPhones


Deadpool v 4 017 008 (Deadpool - 16725040 - Free Image Hosting…

Skyfire and Optimus Prime by ~Dan-the-artguy on deviantART

Here's a commissioned piece of the two cartoon model animation versions of Skyfire/Jetfire and Optimus Prime. Skyfire and Optimus Prime

And I can think of a WHOLE BUNCH of idiot fleshlings the Decepticon commander should start with! )=D>>>> definitely!

Ultra Magnus and The Wreckers by on @deviantART

Ultra Magnus and The Wreckers Ultra Magnus, Whirl, Top Spin, Twin Twist, Roadbuster and Springer Based on DW comics Lines: Ultra Magnus and The Wreckers