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a living room filled with furniture and a painting hanging on the wall above it's windows
two vases are sitting on a shelf in front of a wall with geometric tiles
Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles: Boost Pro | Atlas Concorde
The warmth of a lived-in environment, the authenticity of places reborn to a new life, and the simple elegance of industrial recovery are the values evoked by the Boost Pro collection, which adds new warm shades to the cement effect, increasing its expressive potential for interior and exterior design.
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to tall glass windows and doors leading outside
mid-century modern living room ideas and inspiration
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a red table and black chairs in a room with white walls, wooden floors and exposed ceilings
a group of wooden frames sitting on top of a floor
Visit with Hayley Sheldon - Inside the Studio | Buy Original Art Online | Uprise Art
a living room filled with furniture and a piano
electric bowery
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place under a painting on the ceiling
a red chair sitting in front of a wall with a painting on it's side
Valcucine on Instagram: "The key word is: Surprise effect. Logica Celata, thanks to the insertion of the V-Motion system, opens and closes in a single gesture, blending immediately with the surrounding environment, creating a surprise effect that gives an unexpected and awe-inspiring show. The audience has the impression of being dirfonte to a real painting. Credits to: Homtique, Shanghai #kitchenart #kitchendecor #kitchen #art #kitchendesign #homedecor #painting #kitcheninspo"
a dining room table with chairs and a book shelf in the corner next to it
Smith Hanes Studio (@smithhanesstudio) • Instagram photos and videos