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the floor plan for an apartment building with two floors and three levels, which are divided by
Gallery of Musical Instrument Museum / RSP Architects - 20
an aerial view of a clock tower lit up at night with lights on the ground
Plaza Square Design
several people are standing in front of an art exhibit with large rocks and waterfalls
Lascaux Cave Painting Centre by Snøhetta, Duncan Lewis and Casson Mann
people are walking around in an art museum with colorful lights on the walls and floors
The Daniel Buren Exhibition at the Baltic:
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with orange ribbons hanging from it
Bauhaus Promenade Museum
an open door with multicolored glass in the center and light reflecting on the floor
The Philosopher of the Boudoir
colorful stained glass windows in a large room
Buntglasfenster auf Top of the Rock