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an outdoor seating area with pillows and plants
Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden
Full details on Modern Country Style blog: Leopoldina Haynes' Small Garden
a stone path is surrounded by greenery and trees in the foreground, with an archway leading to it
Narrow Side Yard Makeover!
I nominate "side yards" as some of the most under-exploited areas in the landscape! What a shame, especially when every square foot of real estate is valuable, even in a down …
a table with flowers and leaves on it sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
making fairy furniture
Fairy table - twig frame topped with glycerin-preserved leaf? The tiny containers (acorn caps, etc) are adorable, and I especially like the miniature flower arrangement - inspiration only (link is for class) ********************************** scarlet star studios #fairy #garden #miniature #furniture
a wooden basket filled with grass and flowers on top of a blue flowery planter
Thatching tips and Fairy Pics!!
This has to be the most adorable fairy cradle - made from a walnut shell! the details make it so cute. Inspiration only, but I love the idea! (They do have a running tutorial about thatching a fairy cottage going on in that month's posts) ********************************************* The Whittaker's Miniatures #fairy #garden #miniature #baby #basinet #cradle
a hand holding a green door to a tree
info about making fairy gardens, click on pic
a person is using a brush to paint a piece of wood
I made doors & I've still got all my fingers :o) or just - 'how to make doors' !
How to make miniature doors - tutorial - these are great! Since they are made from wood, can be sealed and used in the fairy garden as well as dollhouse ********************************************* WendiesMiniWorld miniature fairy door tutorial
a ladder made out of sticks in the grass
Fairy Garden: Expand and Furnish
Fairy Garden: Rope Ladder
a photo frame with some items hanging from it's sides and the caption says, save from photographbuckett visit
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fairy wardrobe
a fairy garden with pine cones, rocks and stones in the ground next to a tree trunk
Fairy Door
Fairy Door
a garden with lots of green plants and flowers on the side of it, surrounded by greenery
Hosta - Beautiful and Easy to Grow
large leaf hostas planted in a mixed perennial border