Cheryl Armstrong

Cheryl Armstrong

Cheryl Armstrong
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This looks like a an open door.  It's a trick done with a mirror and cleverly cut boards.

False gates or windows with mirrors behind them can create the illusion of a space much bigger than it is. This gate panel has been cleverly cut to give perspective.

Upcycled Truck Wheel and Stone Firepit

Upcycled Truck Wheel and Stone Firepit. Good idea you can make on your own for a fire place outdoors.

Self Healing Reiki

If you really like natural healing an individual will really like this website!

Chinese Medicine Living : Traditional Wisdom for Modern Living

What is the spleen and what does it do in Chinese medicine? Find out in this informative article - What is Spleen Qi Deficiency? Your spleen is more important than you think. What is Spleen Qi Deficiency?

HealingSounds #balance #qigong #energy #flow #yinyang #medicalqigong

Six healing sounds- Reiki. Remember the gift of sound with Nia, experience the vibration of your own voice, that has a strong healing effect on your body, mind soul.

Reiki : self healing hand positions

I am teaching a Reiki degree this week and I thought while I was preparing my course notes that I would upload this. This is a spread sheet of all the hand postitions for self healing. I hope other people studying Reiki find this useful

Interesting ways to dress up a fence. I never like looking at "just the fence"…

✤ Landscaping Ideas for Fanciful Fence Dress up a privacy barrier with accents. In a mostly hardscape section of the garden, mixing materials heightens visual interest. Here, pavers combine with river rocks and shredded wood for a distinctive edge.