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Lake Matheson. Photo © Brian Dobbie.

Lake Matheson at Fox Glacier: Views of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman, long finned eel, calmest at dawn and dusk.

Iron Man (Unknown Artist)

Iron Man very cool. It all just says Iron Man if you look closely.

Ahwww STEVE!!

We did great in the high five. Okay I get that the last high five didn't work out but don't leave me hanging. Just high five me for once. I just want a high five don't kill me.---INTENSE HIGH FIVE

This Awesome Mech Used To Be Just A Normal, Everyday Truck. I'm a welder for a living with a degree is sculpture. In fact they only thing stopping me having a go at this is the wife would kill me

Wall-E is very similar to Owl eys in such ways. Wall-E has those big eyes like a owl and he romes around in a land where there is no one else and its all trash and desolite.

Jairo Conde- Wall-e Is an intricate movie with a forshowdow of how our future is going to look like!