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Top 25 Sad Quotes. Sad but true...... although occasionally you meet some people who are enough

people depressed depression sad suicidal suicide broken leave self harm cut cutting self-harm scars depressing ALL THE TIME enough selfharm you left at the end of the day people leave I Don't Like depending on people all you have is yourself

Sometimes we don't know what someone is really thinking or how much they're truly hurting. It's a very profound realization. Sometimes you don't know who has eaten that day, or who won't. Perhaps what they're going through while all along they're smiling and pretending their life is okay. If you just stop and try to think what the other person is feeling, it's possible we could all live peacefully. But it's truly a hard notion for people to comprehend.

If you read my mind you would understand.or maybe you wouldn't, i have changed, but so have you


Of course no one cares. The one person I thought actually cared, walked out of my life and never looked back.

This is how I feel today. Just need to admit I feel defeated before I can take a deep breath and restart fighting for myself.

This is how I feel everyday. Just need to admit I feel defeated before I can take a deep breath and restart fighting for myself.

You have no idea how strong we are.. Btw i can post much more now cause schools over for 2 months

Those who suffer from mental illness are stronger than you think. We must fight to go to work, care for our families, be there for our friends, and act 'normal' while battling unimaginable pain.

...,,I'm sorry.... More

I'm not even wanted in my own home. I let everyone down and I've finally come to terms with the fact that everything IS my fault. All this time I've been pushing it into other people, blinded from my own design.

Bc I fail to ask for help & Ive trained everyone in my life that I don't need help bc I fail to ask for help and on & on the vicious cycle continues until you change the direction of the cycle

There times in the life when nothing is going your way you feel that everyone and everything in this world is against you , you feel sad and alone, but remember think of things in your life that ma…

Silly me, thinking that they care. #depression #anxiety #quotes

Anxiety: I find that I spill my heart out to anyone who gives me the slightest bit of attention. Silly me, thinking they actually care.