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Shelley Tippins

Shelley Tippins
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Stone Cactus

rock garden DIY Rock Cactus Garden- this if for those self declared Brown-Thumbs out there! We saw this & thought they were cute! This would be a fun project to do with the little kids, gather a few rocks on your next outing.

River Stones and designs/patterns-both teacher and child created designs/patterns on paper :-)

March, week Tuesday: Loose parts labyrinth: Change the materials from week to week using stones, glass beads, pine cones, shells and so on.

alphabet / I love this idea for a kids sandbox! Just be sure rocks are big enough that they won't fit into mouth to be swallowed because any toddler will put these in their mouth (read up on sealant making sure to find non-toxic kid friendly product. I did not research that at all. I just had to repost this because I love these painted rocks!

Art idea for class. Assign one letter to each kid and have them paint it on a rock and embellish with details. Display the alphabet rock collection in class