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three mason jars filled with lavender seeds and labeled the easy way
How to Harvest Lavender the Easy Way!
I just taught myself how to harvest Lavender the easy way! I didn't follow any expert instructions, but it still worked. Now I have multiple mason jars full of dried Lavender ready for DIY projects! Here's how I did it...
the best fertilizer for lavender
The Best Fertilizer For Lavender
how to harvest lavender from the garden
How To Harvest Lavender Leaves & Flowers
Harvesting lavender is easy! But the timing and steps are a bit different depending on whether you want the flower buds, sprigs, or leaves. This beautiful herb with purple flowers is prized for its essential oils, and the calming fragrance. You can use fresh lavender for cooking in recipes, making tea, and crafting. Learn exactly how to harvest lavender from your garden, including what part of the plant to harvest, and when to do it. Plus get tips for storing lavender.
sage plants growing in the dirt with text overlay how to grow and harvest sage
How to Grow and Harvest Sage - The Lavender Homefront
some green leaves are growing in the dirt
How to Grow and Harvest Basil - The Lavender Homefront
a large basil bush growing well in a garden bed.
sage plants growing in the dirt with text overlay how to grow and harvest sage
How to Grow and Harvest Sage - The Lavender Homefront
what to do with rhubarb leaves in the garden and how to use them
Are Rhubarb Leaves Poisonous? Plus 6 Ways to Use Them
a hand holding a seed with the words how to grow rhubarb from seed
How To Grow Rhubarb From Seed
Consider growing some rhubarb from seed this season. Each one of those seeds on the rhubarb flower stem has the potential to grow into a new rhubarb plant. The tiny seedlings are miniature versions of a mature rhubarb plant, and are adorable. They will likely be different than the parent plant, as they will be hybrids. Learn how to grow rhubarb from seed, a process that brings this tangy, versatile vegetable to your garden and table.
an image of how to grow elderberries
How to Grow Elderberries: Herbs Garden & Herb Gardening Ideas
Interested in learning how to grow elderberries? With this guide, you can master the art and beautify your herbs garden & herb gardening ideas. From sowing to caring for elderberries, every step offers a rewarding experience. Discover the joy of cultivating elderberries in your garden. Find more Homemade Elderberry Recipes, Herbs for Health, and Fall Gardening Ideas at
the best rhubarb companion plants and which to avoid
Best Rhubarb Companion Plants (+ Some to Avoid)
Want to learn how to grow rhubarb with succcess? You're in the right place. Learn what you can plant next to rhubarb and what you shouldn't plant near rhubarb. Get ideas about which vegetables grow well with rhubarb, which flowers grow well with rhubarb, which herbs grow well with rhubarb, and which fruit grows well with rhubarb. Learn the best place to plant rhubarb, the best fertilizer for rhubarb, and whether rhubarb needs a lot of water. Plant easy-care rhubarb today and watch it thrive.