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Sheenagh Fairclough

Sheenagh Fairclough
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Step by step on how to lay a Hangi #aTableForTwo

I am neither Kiwi nor Maori, and never lay a hangi in my life. But after attending the Earth Masterclass at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival last weekend, I was so inspired that now suddenly have t…

"Breathing Trees" very cool experiment for younger kids!!

PLANTS Spring is a perfect time to observe how trees take in carbon dioxide and let out oxygen. Just try this experiment passed on to us by the Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden, Michigan.

Photosynthesis - 3rd Grade

This is a simple worksheet on Photosynthesis. I used my school's textbook to help the students fill in their work (will need some resource to help them fill in

Interactive Photosynthesis Activity

Interactive Photosynthesis Activity This kid-friendly website has lots of videos, cartoons, articles, and activities that teach science.

Photosynthesis free printable - great with the Gardens Unit Study! Helps visually explain this vital process to kids of all ages!

Kids Discover -- Help kids to better understand the fascinating process of how plants convert sunlight into energy with this informative infographic on Photosynthesis.

Looking to introduce your kids to more science?  Try this super EASY & quick experiment!

How does a leaf breathe - STEM activity for kids. Great idea for the backyard & easy science experiment to do in a classroom too!