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Brilliant ideas for baby' first art

Infant DAP Brilliant ideas for baby' first art. Art is considered DAP for infants. It is an amazing way for infants to be introduced to; not only fine-motor skills but also gross-motor skills.

Toddler Boy Activities

placing my future child in a box. seems like a good idea haha Toddler Box Drawing by ihearartsncrafts: Stick your toddler in the box and voila he’s occupied creating mommy a masterpiece! And it’s a lot better than having the drawings on your wall!

A New Way to Teach Your Child to Tie Their Shoes

Another Pinner says: I so recommend every parent to teach their child to tie their shoes this way. An incredible NEW way to teach your child to tie their shoes. My kids learned in a mere 5 minutes. You must see this tutorial!

Developmentally Appropriate Art Activities for One-Year-Olds

Developmentally Appropriate Art Activities for One-Year-Olds Highchair art, water coloring, floor crayon art, paper play

Mom + Dad + Me handprint art

DIY Nursery Decor: Daddy Mommy and Me hand print. Directions: a frame with a CANVAS MAT Choose different paint colors for each hand-print Put hand prints on canvas Let them dry Add the date and put in a frame.

Portion Control Plates

Portion-control plates: I literally help my dinner plate as shown. Once you put the proper portions on the plate, you can just enjoy eating instead of trying to curb yourself in the act.