Shaz Atonio
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Medium #SELFIE polaroid prop frame! Personalise with any hash tag, Photobooth, Weddings/Birthday/Engagement/Party/Event
Twenty First - Birthday Invitation. 21st Birthday Invite. DIY
21st Birthday Invitation
Great idea, not just for a 21st birthday invitation, but any theme party... VIP pass!
Great idea for a 21st birthday! "Life Lessons" everyone at the party writes out a life lesson they've learned over the years and rolls it up like a scroll and puts it in the jar. Give it as a gift at the end of the night. It's a keepsake from their 21st and an inexpensive but meaningful gift.
#LED #balloon #decor
alcoholic lollipops - shut the front door girls..someone please make these for our bachelorette party!!!
The real way to play Jenga. The Jenga drinking game. #drinkinggame #drunkjenga
Table runners
July party