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a statue of a woman carrying a pot on her head with trees in the background
Female Sphinx with Wings Statue
Roman Lady with Urn Cement Sculpture Piped
a white statue with a black background
Living Marble: A Contemporary-Historical Collaboration at The Walters - BmoreArt
Woman of Samaria (Rebecca) by Rinehart
four statues are shown with lamps on their heads and arms, all in different styles
Val D'Osne Foundry, A pair of French figural torchères by the Val d'Osne Foundry, Paris, date circa 1860
A pair of French figural torchères by the Val d'Osne Foundry
a statue of a lion holding a ball in its paws
The Lion of the Congress
Aphrodite Kallipygos Greek Art, Visual Artist, Greek Statues, Greek Goddess Art, Sculpture Art, Ancient Statues, Engel
jsantschy board
Aphrodite Kallipygos
an artistic painting of a man with long hair and beard wearing a white shirt, in front of a pink background
Bust of Neptune, TingEn Lee
ArtStation - Bust of Neptune, Ting En Lee
a black and white photo of a woman covered in fabric
24 close-ups at some of the best sculptures ever made
When Marble Speaks: 24 close-ups at some of the best sculptures ever made | BlazePress
a woman in a dress with her hands on her hips
Mariana Gorbea's Sketchbook
Mariana Gorbea's Sketchbook - Page 6
a white statue sitting on top of a table next to a black background with the image of a woman holding her head
18th century
18th century marble - sleeping beauty. I would love to know who the sculptor was and what he called this work
a white statue holding a bowl and a plate in it's hand, on a black background
Image result for greek sculpture
some white statues with long hair and flowers on their heads are covered in cloths
Veiled figures,Raffaelo Monti (1818–1881) via tumblr :: c0sette Más
two photographs of the back and side of a statue
Veiled Figures Carved Out of Marble by Antonio Corradini
"Modesty" by Antonio Corradini (Italian, 1688–1752), marble statue of veiled female with exquisite sculpture of translucent fabric, c. 1751. #arthistory
an angel statue holding a staff and pointing to the sky
tattoo flash
Bernini's marble statue of angel with spear from the Sant' Angelo Bridge in Rome, Italy.
a white busturine with a veil covering it's face
The Veiled Virgin, Giovanni Strazza, Marble, 1850
The Veiled Virgin Giovanni Strazza Marble 1850
a sculpture of a woman's head covered in white cloth on a black background
Portrait Sculpture Gallery
Portrait Sculpture Gallery – PCF Studios Paul Farault. "Child Bride"