Community helpers preschool

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there are many toys that are on the table together, including firetrucks and cars
Community Helpers Activity Trays and Sensory Tubs
Fire Sensory Bin (Photo from The Good Long Road)
a poster with pictures of different things in it
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woordkaarten 2 voor kleuters, thema ziekenhuis, kleuteridee, juf Petra
an ambulance truck with the cross on it's front and back end, outlined in black ink
Ambulance Cutout Coloring Page
ambulance coloring pages | Ambulance Cutout Coloring Page
two firefighter themed worksheets for the community helpers
Community Helpers - Sort & Classify Mats
a firefighter poster with words and pictures on it
Fire Prevention Week Activities
Describing Firefighters (Teaching With Love and Laughter: Fire Prevention Week…