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DIY Waterdrop Solar Lights | Easy, budget friendly and one of a kind DIY backyard ornaments and landscape lights | Upcycled candle sticks | Upcycled plant watering globes | Step-by-step tutorial for DIY waterdrop solar lights | DIY whimsical garden lights | Before & After |

Add some magic to your garden this summer with these DIY Waterdrop Solar Lights!

Turn a $1 store rubber door mat into wall art.... this is BEYOND genius! diy

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art (good idea for the metal screen for the air return on the laundry room door)The most frugal decor idea I've ever seen: a vintage iron piece for the wall. Go to the dollar store for an outdoor black rubber door mat. Then spray pain

Window screen lace idea This is by the far the prettiest mozzie deterrent we’ve ever seen. Make your Nan proud and bring a bit of lace into your home, you won’t regret it (but your Nan might).

Recently I heard about some news regarding the commencement of an exhibition regarding the wooden pallet creations in LA. So this news was pretty encouraging for us and this was just like a reminder that our art is being acclaimed and appreciated worldwide. It seems like people have realized the importance and usefulness of the …

Now this is something beyond my comprehension, this is so elegant and adorable that I am literally running short of words to describe this wooden pallet beauty.

Blessed Be

Smoke & Air, Fire & Earth, Cleanse & Bless this home & hearth, Drive away all harm & fear, Only good may enter here!

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I like the idea of it being in a cabinet DIY Shoe Lazy Susan! This is easy to make and I plan on making mine next weekend. To make things even easier I have put the picture with the step by step instructions.

I have found the Goddess in myself and I love her fiercely

Reminds me of the children's prayer, now I lay me down to sleep! In my Goddess nest, bless all that I love, and bless all that love me! My dearest Goddess of all, I love you in high blessing!