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a black bird sitting on top of a stack of books next to a pile of skulls
Gothic Raven Bookmark, Skull Bookmark, Horror, Edgar Allan Poe, Gift for Readers, Book Lovers, Halloween
This bookmark is for readers who like their literature a bit on the darker side. It features a spooky raven perched upon a pile of skulls and books. Image is printed on both sides of the bookmark and is finished with a black tassel. For fans of horror and gothic literature, this raven bookmark is the perfect accessory. Purchase this bookmark for yourself or the avid reader in your life. Excellent for book clubs as well! --------------------- Bookmark size is 2x6 inches. Image is crisply printed on heavy duty card stock (both sides) and is placed inside a plastic sleeve for protection. Each bookmark is finished with a black tassel. **Includes Copyright Material of Cricut**
a playing card with an image of a chess set on it's back side
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an ink drawing of a hand reaching up to the sky with stars and mushrooms on it
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