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a yellow duck with the caption dear autocorect it's never duck
Laugh Break #Humor #FunnyMemes
a purple background with the words if you think you are smarter than the previous generation
And also everybody gets ofended easily - Funny
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50 Hilarious times in life all parents understand (even if they wish they didn't)
kermik the frog sitting at a desk with text that reads, one of my biggest faults is when i ask someone their name forget to listen to what their name is
A Spectacular Dump Of 61 Random Memes To Help Your Hump Day Mood
a cartoon character holding a sign that says, i wrote you a get well card
Get well my friend
a white van driving down a street next to tall grass and trees with the words, that's how you advertise
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Saddletramp69 on Twitter
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36 Random Pics to Turn Your Day Around
lmaoo this should not have been this funny
What Despacito sounds like....When you don't know Spanish😂🔥
feel so sorry for the rat
a tweet with the caption that reads, how come when house is haunted? it's always ghost from the 1970s? imagine a ghost from 2007 screaming its
23 Tweets People Born After 1999 Will Never Be Able To Understand