Shania Walters

Shania Walters

Shania Walters
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I know it's a rose quartz but for me it look like an rhodochrosite

Me when I relized my freind already watched steven universe gem harvest like how

Sad children by on @DeviantArt

Gravity falls worst Quotes about 4 characters. Dont worry they over come these and push forward but it did make me cry

Steven Universe Jamie

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out The homeworld jamies XD o love the crystal jamies

spooky, “Be proud of yourself, you’ve done amazing things!” --- Pearl "Back to the Barn"

Pacifica and Lorna - "The ringing of the bell commands you…" (Gravity Falls meets Over the Garden Wall)

"The ringing of the bell commands you." - Over the Garden Wall - Gravity Falls crossover. I haven't seen Gravity Falls, but pretty much all the the crossover fanart with OtGW is just so cool!