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I really don't like that they guilt trip people into reposting these but I hope even without that people repost them

I don't really care about the three percent crap. I just care about Jesus

I know why some people deny God, and I truly believe people can believe whatever the hell they want, but I believe in God, so yes I will definitely repost!

Scary sorry guys these things scare me and I'm really sorry if they scare you too but it will scare me if I don't do it ' These are so stupid, fueling people with fear and guilt.

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST! He's my Lord and savior forever. If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ I encourage you to attend Maranatha Baptist Church in Mt Pleasant MI. Tell the pastor you were invited by Maggie. Come and you'll learn you love the Lord!

Fact: People with brown/hazel eyes are the most fun and happy. They kiss the best and will love when not wanted; they always end up falling for people they haven't known for long. They are the most hyper and crazy people, you can't do better than them.

Omg as soon as I finished I rubbing my eyes I crossed my legs before I Eugene read it!

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