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Cat Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties on deviantART

Cat Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties. I love this cat dragon combo. The best I have seen so far of cat dragons made with polymer clay.

Nebula, Cloud Spirit Dragon 3 by rosepeonie on DeviantArt

My newest dragon project Sixth in the Spirit Dragons series, Ciel ["sièl", French for "sky". not overly original, yep] was inspired by the night sky illuminated by the Moon and stars. He has.

Albino rose dragon by AlviaAlcedo on DeviantArt

Flowers on a snow Albino rose dragon ~custom pendant~ Made of high quality polymer clay, no molds were used. Covered by a shiny lacquer.

All but the last two are now sold. The bottom two are up for auction on ebay: Hugging Couple: Dragons: Which couple is you...

I love this little guy so much. I swore I wouldn't mess with white for a while (time consuming) but this design popped into my head and he had to be created. I love all the little wispy bits on him.

Etsy Sale Dec. 13th by on @DeviantArt

I'm making a bunch of little scrap dragons for one last sale before Christmas. They're usually just singles, but I thought it'd be cute to make a couple. Their tails form a heart behind them I'll p.