Shayne Chamberlain

Shayne Chamberlain

Just a teenage girl who dreams and has nightmares♡
Shayne Chamberlain
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Warrior Arrow Tattoo Design by Apocalypse Tattoo

Warrior Arrow Tattoo Design by Apocalypse Tattoo Prob get something else written . Placement underside of right arm .add colours of teal and pink.and sepia/DJ brown arrow

As we all know, inspiring words can inspire people to do amazing things. So it would be a great idea to have them with us all the time. Most of time, the quote tattoos can remind us of the past times. They might come from our own feelings or a famous movie and will make …

Beautiful quotes for tattoos and inspirational tattoo quotes. Hundreds of tattoo quotes and inspirational quotes for you to browse, enjoy, and share.


Dreaming without fear, fear of all the work ahead to make a dream a reality. Loving without limits, limits on myself and of others.truly allows the soul to reconcile with the ego and bring into form all that is possible Thigh tat

Be brave.

Be creative enough to write your own quotes. Love the arrow design and the line work.