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30 Day Lunge Challenge

Drop the excuses: we've made a workout you can do anywhere. Torch calories and build some metabolism-boosting muscle with these body-weight exercises. Simply warm up, work out, and train your core, and you're done. If you're unfamiliar with the term

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge Fitness Workout Chart * This 30 day wall sit workout challenge has been designed as a great way to tone up and strengthen your leg and core muscles, by doing a simple exercise once per day. @Christina Childress Childress Helfrich

30 Day Burpee Challenge

See more here ► Tags: lose fat belly, is it possible to lose belly fat, want to lose belly fat - Try the 30 Day Burpee Challenge Fitness Workout this month and tone your abs, legs and butt muscles and get super fit quick with 30 Day Fitness Challenges.

30 Day Sit Up Challenge

30 Day Sit Up Challenge! Complete the 30 Day Sit Up Challenge this month and boost your core muscles to the max. This fitness workout is easy to do and only takes 5 minutes a day. No excuses! VISIT

30 Day Push Up Challenge

After my trainer killed my arms with 10 pound dumbbells, I decided I needed to put more emphasis on my upper body. So today I started the Push Up Challenge. As I want to do a Spartan Sprint by late its time to kick my upper body training up a notch. How…