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two women in bikinis walking on the beach next to an artistic sculpture that looks like trees
suckerPUNCH » SanDPrint
an abstract image of the inside of a human body with white and black lines on it
3D-DREAMING "Architecture from a digital point of view": Chris Precht- Innsbruck!:
an image of some sort of art that looks like it's made out of hair
Synesthesia pharmahuasca
6 machine-01
the structure of an animal's neck is shown in black and white, with information about it
Studies for a stair
synth[e]tech morphologies: Studies for a stair
two screens showing the process of creating an object with multiple wires and other electrical components
local variations of the density of a random point distribution
local variations of the density of a random point distribution
an image of some red lines on a gray background that looks like it is raining
grid pinching
grid pinching - Grasshopper
an abstract black and white photo with wavy lines
Luis Quiñones_Miller.time [2.Sep.2012] - Python & Grasshopper Creates a custom mill pattern based from an ice cream paint job. Input is a flat surface and a painted mesh. Process will create variation in x,y,z as well as take into account bit depth and diameter. The output will be ONE closed curve w. stepover and a surface created based on the NEW paths.
a computer screen showing an image of a red object
Nice series of GH tutorials
a computer screen with two pictures and an image of a red object in the background
Bird Nesting Definition
Bird Nesting Definition - Grasshopper
two different views of the same object, one with wires attached to it and another with wires connected to each other
Introducing 'Exoskeleton' - A wireframe thickening tool
Introducing 'Exoskeleton' - A wireframe thickening tool - Grasshopper
an open book with some drawings on the pages and instructions for how to use them
AAD Algorithms-Aided Design | Parametric Strategies using Grasshopper®
Image Sampler Mehr Ideas, Cnc, Design Process
Image Sampler
Image Sampler Mehr
a computer screen with an image of a pattern on it and the text, 3d printing software
Multiple attractors with variable intensities
grasshopper attractor curves - Google Search