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скетчи, harley quinn --Be your own Whyld Girl with a wicked tee today…

Chica and Mangle*UPDATED* by ChocoFunduk

(Open rp, I'm mangle be chica ) I go behind you "so chica, who is watching us today?" *looks at camera*

La la la la by zarlahttp://zarla.deviantart.com/art/La-la-la-la-636950298

La la la la by zarlahttp://zarla.deviantart.com/art/La-la-la-la-636950298

I can’t stop watching this

I can’t stop watching this<<< Asriels face at the end is so frustrated XD

Disbelief by YAMsgarden.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Sans and Disbelief Papyrus <<< revenge is sweet <<<< also screw you, chara. <<<< wow thanks for that last comment

Bedtime Story by BamSaraKilledYou.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Awwwww lol I was expecting burning in hell for some reason tho

So someone had to go and ruin a perfectly normal monster-girl on monster-girl makeout sesh. Aint havin none of that, are we? This was supposed to be a short thing and it ended up being a long thing.

I feel like Undyne would never wear this but it's still pretty cool.

somelargeblackwoman: “ rotodisk: “ Whew, wanted to shade these but I doubt I got so lazy ; Anyhow, here is a few character designs for my Undertale AU Underkeep! Mettaton rules the underground (not.

poringrenger, Undertale, Sans

I have played Undertale for a week ago. But in genocide route, I have got stuck at Sans fight . Sans is soooo c.