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HAHA I am that is such a good idea. I would totally get a job there just so I can do this!!!!!>>YESSS

Don't ya'll hate it when people post pictures of their Starbucks cups. They be like look at my new edition Starbucks cup and they spelled my name right. If I got a job at Starbucks there will be no more of that.

so true

I can relate to just about all of these ! XD ~Except the one about the lotion. Who wipes excess lotion onto a stranger? *most awkward experience of all time* (maeat)

{we keep this love in a photograph} xx

lol for a second I was like wait here is no such thing as middle case letters?(: I can be so stupid sometimes.


【 Because Life 】 Relatable, post, so true 〈This is true every time I loose something〉

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Teenager Post 020.png (21 KB)

Teenager Post

And it's not a nice bday present. Thanks mom and dad.

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the second one relates to my situation. so dont waste your time by reading the rest.<<<the second turquoise one is most relatable to my life


Teenager Post ~ Caterpillars have the ideal life. They eat a lot and then sleep for a while and wake up beautiful.