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If only she could see. Instead i now were ul end up n its never guna work ul hurt yaself n kids more than out els. But you go ahead n wast ur life i give up al together i deserve someone who actualy loves me n not just uses me as n when it suits them

Words of wisdom. Only care about what those you truly love and care for and those who truly love and care for you think of you - no one else really matters.

For indoor cultivation all Freesias require is a greenhouse having just sufficient heat to keep out frost or they may be grown entirely cold during autumn and


Murillo aaa! sadly people want to talk not listen take turns one talks others listen so forth do know most peole have so much they want to share however not all people think to listen know as do it myself .

There is no other way or place I would rather think than sitting on a horse being able to see the light in life. Beautiful.

can I do to adapt to changes that will happen as I grow in my career (think about the characters of Who Moved My Cheese; which character is most like you? Answer: I would move with the change and help change everything and I would get used to the change