Scott Osborne

Scott Osborne

Im a goofy goober yeah!
Scott Osborne
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Extreme off-piste skiing

♂ Extreme sports adventure Extreme off-piste skiing in pictures - Telegraph

I need to go someplace that has a sign for surf board crossing. That's a true beach summer statement!

Snow <3

Mountains sure keep you humble. Keep your footprints small and your lines big and enjoy!


Skiing Deep Powder - Utah Where the protagonist in This Land Divided meet.


Ski Lets Go SKIING Amazing discounts - up to off Compare prices on of Hotel-Flight Bookings sites at once Multicityworldtra.


We love our Local VW's! This is David Ross and his award winning patina VW

Surfing World

Learning how to surf is on my list of things to do! maybe not a tube ride right away but still awesome!