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Samantha Watkins

Samantha Watkins
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One year may seem like a long time, but these are activities you will truly enjoy. We made them easy so that accomplishing a long-term goal will be a piece of cake.

There's no time like the present to start our year-long Happiness Challenge! We've mapped out an activity for every day of the year to help boost your joy,

Jelly fish lanterns ~ ocean party theme.

Under the Sea Party: Fishy Fun with Ocean Party Ideas. Dive into the fun with some Under the Sea Party ideas. Be sure to check out all of our Under the Sea Party Inspiration as well as all our Beach Party Ideas.


Handmade Christmas Decorations - Christmas comes once a year and December is indeed an expensive month. A time for us to spend for a lot of things including Christmas gifts , christmas foods , christmas ornaments and christmas decorations.

cool math games

Math Center: 70 cool math games, separated by grade level. An amazing list to help add some activity to your math lessons.