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daaaaaaaaaaaaamn !!

daaaaaaaaaaaaamn !!

mewmii: “mutisija: “ villancikos: “ The Anatomy of a mermaid ” yes, thanks. i hate when people draws mermaid’s tail like it was some sort of goddamn suit on normal human legs like this: it just doesnt work ” yeah we wouldnt want to make our mermaids.

Skeleton and muscular system of a mermaid. According to the original caption, the “Hebrew script indicates this drawing is either based on another, much older work predating Latin or Arabic anatomy texts, or merely a modern fabrication attempting to

A simple Bible study guide: Ask yourself these four questions for any chapter of the Bible

verse in this chapter stood out as I read through the passage? can I summarize this chapter in three or four sentences? What does this chapter or the verse I chose in question 1 mean to me? How can I apply this chapter or the verse from question 1 today?

Bible art journaling, but I think I would do it in a separate journal, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable art journaling in my bible.

BIBLE JOURNALING - Bible art journaling in Genesis. Love the idea of studying the Bible this way! If you'd rather not do this in your Bible you could use a separate journal.