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a sheep standing on top of a lush green field next to a body of water
9 Shocking Reasons Why God Compares Us to Sheep In the Bible [Coloring Page]
a man kissing a donkey with his face close to it
Baby donkey seems convinced this man's her mommy
an old woman is smiling and looking at the camera with another older woman in the background
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
The Happiest And Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Read
an image of the back cover of a book
So sweet but so sad
an abstract photo of many different types of papers stacked on top of eachother
The wonderful story of Bran. by Jodi Faulkner
an abstract photo of boats in the water and on land, with multiple layers of different colors
Animal Odd Couples
im dying.
two pictures of cats laying on the ground next to cars and people standing in front of them
Dont fucking cry
This makes me want to cry but it is SO sweet of the cat. Whoever thinks animals don't have souls are stupid!!
an image of different colored lines in the same color and size as well as text
I did it I fell down the feels hole it can't just be me
an image of some people and birds in the grass with text overlaying them
!!! 8) !!!
a bunch of surfboards stacked on top of each other
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A tale of two kittens
three pictures of people and horses in the water, with one person laying on the ground
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
an article in the paper with text on it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
two photos with one man in the water and another on the ground, both showing different angles
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Good human being right here.
a brown dog with black boots on it's back legs and one leg in the air
People who believe at heart that it is wrong to harm animals for personal pleasure or profit are already professing vegan beliefs. Their next logical step is to align their core values with their everyday actions and lifestyle by going vegan.
many different colored surfboards stacked on top of each other
The Story of Patrick