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a man standing in front of a colorful sky
He has the perfect silhouette. -- yes!
a man sitting on the ground wearing a black hat and scarf with his hands in his pockets
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Michael Jackson. ("Leave me Alone" video, from the album Bad, included in the movie: Moonwalker)
a man with curly hair wearing a red jacket
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson- Remember the time - http://www.clipfish.de/musikvideos/video/1602477/michael-jackson-remember-the-time/
michael jackson on his motorcycle smiling for the camera
Twitter: Twelve6
Michael Jackson...there's just something about a guy on a motorcycle!
michael jackson is standing in an empty parking garage with his arms crossed and smiling at the camera
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Michael Jackson on the set of Bad directed by Martin Scorsese - 1987 | Curiosities and Facts about Michael Jackson ღ by ⊰@carlamartinsmj⊱
michael jackson in his elvis costume
Hollywood Walk of Fame Michael Jackson--HES NOT A QUEEN HES A KING BUT HE SPARKLES IN A VERY BRAVO WAY LIKE A KING- Sparkle the Kingdom ;Shine like a Mighty KING, LOYAL TO HIS KNGDOM AND THE WORLD(Planet Earth).
two men in suits and ties standing next to each other on stage with microphones
Michael Jackson Photo: ♥ MJ ♥
Wow! Rare picture, two of my favorites. The King of pop snd the King of comedy.#rebuildingmylife
a man holding a baby in his arms and smiling at the camera while another person holds him
He always loved babies and all children of the world ღ by ⊰@carlamartinsmj⊱
the man is dressed in all black and has a red bow tie on his neck
Gallery of Fame: 'Look at Me!' Art Work
From the moment Jackson danced across the lighted floor in the 1983 video for "Billie Jean," legions of teenagers wanted his slick leather suit, pink shirt and red bow tie.
a man in a space suit standing next to a metal railing
Michael Jackson
a man in a red and white jacket holding a knife
Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Love (Search results for: michael jackson)
michael forever album cover with an image of michael forever
Monica on Twitter
#MichealJackson MJJ - I sure would have liked to have been the lucky lady on the receiving end of THIS stare. © Raynetta Manees, author of #AllForLove
michael jackson is posing in front of a poster
He's just...unique
four different pictures of michael jackson with his hair in the middle and one on the bottom
Michael Jackson ❤ speed demon
two men in leather jackets and bandanas standing next to each other with their arms crossed
Michael Jackson on the set of Bad