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a man is looking at his reflection in the mirror as he talks to another person
Kel: "McThanks for the McSoda McSunny!" Sunny:
a drawing of two people with one holding the other's hand up to their face
two animated children talking to each other on a street with a stop sign in the background
oh no :(
an image of a cartoon character walking in the grass with sunflowers behind him
he does
a drawing of a boy holding a stack of books with the caption succumb neez nuts
this is mental stillness with three people standing in front of an orange and white background
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two animated characters are talking to each other
omori sandbox
two people sitting on top of a red and white checkered table with speech bubbles above them
an image of a man in a suit and tie with text that reads, cashier that will be 95 $ me ok guy behind me in line in a suit
this guy!!
a black and white photo with the words real men kill their sisters
this is factual!!