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a shelf filled with lots of different types of candy
Our Craft Station - Organizing Ideas for Kids Crafts
Organizing kids crafts can be easy when you have the right storage pieces and ideas. Our new craft station is functional AND fun!
the shelves are filled with craft supplies and storage bins for storing items such as markers, pencils, pens, paper
30 Best Art Room And Craft Room Organization Decor -
Crest Room Organization Decor
a jar filled with lots of different types of beads
great visual way to promote
Great visual way to promote self-monitoring behavior.
four cards with handprinted cactus in a pot on top of a table next to flowers
Spring crafts preschool creative art ideas 34 - Creative Maxx Ideas
a woman standing in front of a stack of plastic containers filled with different types of labels
I start moving into my classroom tomorrow! Here’s to carefully moving furniture so I don’t scuff up the waxed floors and start off on the…
a birthday calendar with pictures of children on it
Classroom Birthday Picture Chart {Free Printable}
Cute photo chart for classroom birthdays
a bulletin board with handprints on it that says we promote to make good choices
Our Promise To Each Other
The Corner On Character: Our Promise To Each Other