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Becoming Your Own Boss: Tools and Resources to Know You Are Not Alone
How to Get a Blog Post to go Viral
Brainstorming great blog title ideas from scratch is hard! Instead of stressing, use this list of the best, most popular blog titles -- just fill in the blanks and voila: perfect headlines!


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children's books with the title have your child be the hero in their own story
The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name
Make storytime more magical with a personalized book from Lost My Name. The wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated personalized book takes your child on an adventure to find their missing name, collecting letters off the exciting characters they meet. Each book is made to order and personalized so it’s unique and special to your child. Receive free shipping when you order today.
a book with an image of a fairy on the cover and a gold medal around it
Personalized Children's Books
Sweet Dreams, Fairy Fully Personalized Book
the best gift for the little boy who loves his name any child
Hey there, we’re Lost My Name, and we make some awesome children’s books. Ah yes, that’s a pretty big statement. But you see, our book is based on the letters of a child’s name, and that makes them feel extra special...which makes it the perfect gift for their extra special day! Your child will undertake a fun-filled adventure, where they help fantastic new friends by being brave, helpful and intelligent. It’s the best storytime companion they could wish for! PS, we also ship worldwide for f...