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Hang a rope from the ceiling then clip the stuffed animals to it with clothes pins. Nice space saver.

rope from hook on ceiling, clothespins to attache stuffed animals Attempting Aloha: Think outside the {toy} Box - Over 50 Organizational Tips for Kids' Spaces

What a fantastic idea to keep all your baby's cuddly toys in one place, yet looks fantastic and fun - of course! Put em all in the "zoo"!!!!

"storage ideas - stuffed animal zoo" I had a giant hanging hammock above my bed that held all my stuffed animals when I was a kid. But the whole idea of building a little cage and calling it "The Zoo" to hold animals is adorable.

stuffed toy storage brilliant. Christy you need this for your girls room!

DIY Stuffed Animal Cage : wood + bungee cords = a place to easily store stuffed animals. *A shorter version of this could work for doggy's stuffed toys too! Plus they could pull out the toys themselves.


cat hair is lonely people glitter. y'now, or librarian glitter.

75 family- friendly elf on the shelf ideas

75 family- friendly elf on the shelf ideas-shaving,copy macine, in bag of m&ms's, captured by toys, taking pics of toys


Funny Confession Ecard: I enjoy a glass of wine each night for it's health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves. How do they know me so well?

happens ALL the time. haha

but I AM hilarious! I crack me up all the time. If anyone ever puts a camera in here I will be put away for laughing at nothing all the time. I cry hard and I laugh hard.