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Looking for the best wedding hairstyles for your big day? The designs for bridal hairstyles mainly depend on the length and the texture of your hair, and there is no doubt that long hair is more favorable. Today max will help you to get some inspirations.

Sick of sending your kids to school with the same old pigtails and ponytails every morning? ME TOO! But thanks to these 10 cute and easy hairstyles for kids, our daughters can now be the most stylish kids in class! - more about make up and nail art :

Here are a few frames of Martha and the process of her messy French Twist to inspire your next event. Keep your french twist modern by letting the imperfections fall and letting your natural texture take its course. What do you think? Would you do the...

What a cool idea!! Take a picture of your child each year against a blank wall and then use photoshop elements to list the things that your child loves most at that time. I also like the balloon idea- they can hold a balloon per year of how old they are.