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Canvas Art, made myself. Love this piece and colors. Just used masking tape, made random lines. The glitter was done with modge podge to insure it stayed on. Very easy and fun to do!
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Canvas painting using masking tape.
I took three small canvas' and put painters tape over a few areas randomly. Then selected three different colors and painted each section. I let dry then pulled off the tape and voila! All done! Easy, yet fun!
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Triangle painted canvas, gold light grey, dark grey, whit and soft pink,  just mask where you want to be white and paint away! such a easy diy!
You'll only need a canvas, masking tape, acrylic paint and newspaper, to protect the floor.
DIY canvas 1. Tape geometric shapes with painter's tape 2. Paint inside them with acrylic paint 3. For the glitter, use mod podge for the base an then add glitter on top.  4. Wait for it to dry completely and remove the tape.  5. Paint mod podge over the top for a good finish. If you did glitter, use a finishing spray or hairspray will work the same way.